Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shopping for Wedding Favors with Style in Atlanta, Georgia

Wedding favors can be the highlight of any wedding. It seems a little surprising that wedding favors can be one of the most memorable pieces to an entire wedding. If you talk to most guests though, they will often say whether the wedding favor was something great or something lousy. Nothing is worse than a wedding favor that screams "been there done that." We have all been to the wedding that gave each guest gourmet chocolates that had their guest running back for more. New and original ideas, such as pot plants, flowers, or herbs have also been successful.

Some of the less favorable items have been tiny bells that usually end up giving someone a headache. Even worse is the tiny soaps that usually don't make it out of the car after the ride home. The guy at the car wash finds them melted under the drier's seat a few weeks later when you have your car detailed.

Shopping for the perfect wedding favor in Atlanta will lead you in many directions. Before you get too far in to the search to turn back, check out some of these great local sources for wedding favors in Atlanta.

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